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About Us

The Chicken Site breeders website is content driven by individuals just like yourself that enjoy writing for us.
If you love chickens, gamefowl, poultry in general, along with everything outdoors, then we invite you to join us as we continue to grow.

Working with the roosters

Why we started the Chicken Site Community Website

Chicken Site was an idea thought up by the site admin in Aug, 2022. He wanted to share his love and passion for chickens and poultry in general.

After talking things over with his wife, they both agreed that a website could be fun. Little did they know that so much would be required for it to be successful. Either way, 3 things were a must and they could not waver.

  • 1. Their devotion to God must stay strong, continually asking for his guidance with every decision.
  • 2. Family is more important than chickens. Enjoy the thrill of chicken behavior, but never put the site before the needs of the family.
  • 3. Provide great product reviews and fantastic article content, a lot of it, but how? How can a normal working class family provide enough regular content to succeed. Read on to find out!

Speaking in first person now, I would like to take a couple of steps backwards and tell you a little bit about my family and I before going into details about our mission. My name is Doug Roberts. My wife Dale and I live in the great state of Georgia with our daughter Riley. We have a total of 8 children. Our other 7 children are grown, married and have children of their own. Yes, we are starting to age a little and could use your help. Please consider our offer. :)

Chicken Site Mission

Our Mission

Get You Involved

As mentioned above, the only way that this poultry breeders website can make it is with help from others like yourself. Have fun creating content with us.

Follow the Plan

Living out here in the country with land and a farm with chickens is such a blessing. Now that we have a website too and friends like you we must be consistent with the plan.

Grow and Enjoy

Together with people like yourself, it is our genuine hope to grow in every way. We believe there is a lot we can learn. Let's become friends and enjoy this great community.

Poultry Farm layout ideas

What Chicken Site has to offer

Here at the farmhouse we are planning and preparing with some awesome poultry related ideas along with tending to our fowl.

Seriously, that is what we are doing. This “About Us” page was the very first thing built for this website. I don’t claim to have great writing skills and just hope that this is legible. :)

Much like the photo to the right we are mapping out the plans for the website. Setting up topic categories related to everything chickens and breeding them. Going back to what was said earlier, we need "content writers!” Just in case you stumble upon this page before we actually get Chicken Site officially opened I’ll leave an email contact right here: Doug’s email address..

chicken breeders message boards and forums

Exotic fowl enthusiast message board & forums, coupons & poultry equipment product discounts

Future plans include a poultry and gamefowl message forum, auction, and classifieds section for buying and selling fowl. Once we get the complete chicken breeds section open we will begin working on the message boards.

Working along with affiliate companies like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Tractor Supply and others we will add promotional codes along various portions of our chickens website.

Chicken photos Pictures! We feel strongly that adding a photo section to the Chicken Site website would be great. Only time will tell, but we love the idea of being able to let members share pictures of their flock for all of our readers to enjoy.

future ideas we have

Your breeding experienced content. Come write for us here at Chicken Site

They say content is king. With your knowledge and helping hands, our readers will receive plenty of poultry rearing information.

With over 25 categories ranging from exotic species, to breeders stories, videos, chicken health, poultry equipment reviews and more, there is room here for everyone.

We are inviting everyone to join in and help build the ChickenSite website. If you want to enjoy yourself while being a part of a great team then we are asking for your help. Similar site owners, guest post authors, bloggers, content writers, persons looking for backlinks to their websites, anyone can write for us.

Giving Back to You!

The founders of Chicken Site will give back to everyone that helps out in a variety of different ways. Find out the exact details on what we can give to you in return for your time and efforts by clicking the “write a guest post” link.

More Features

Here are a few more small features coming to you from

DIY Projects

Being able to save money on coop design and fencing while maintaining your birds without the need to hire a professional can be very rewarding. Learn to DIY with these great guides.

Exotic Fowl & Poultry Auction

Having a place for poultry enthusiasts to buy and sell roosters, hens and eggs would be great. An exotic fowl & poultry auction with a breeders listings section is needed.

Faith and Fellowship

We believe that faith is a part of all of us. We would like to add an on-site section devoted to Christianity and fellowship.

Product Reviews

Having a section devoted completely to product reviews is a priority. There are a lot of poultry equipment items that need reviewing.

Home Depot
Tractor Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. Visit our full FAQ section here

Our Team

Please note that the pictures of these team members are not ours. They are currently being used as placeholders only.

Chief Executive Officer

Doug Roberts

Chief Executive Officer
Vice President

Dale Roberts

Vice President
Product Manager

Billy Anderson

Product Manager

Lisa Huett



Here on the ChickenSite we are working hard every day to provide the best poultry information available. Provided to us by community authors on feeding & watering, poultry health, breeding, DIY tips and more.

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