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If you came here from our About Us page then you know that without guest authors this site would not survive. We invite all of our readers to share their knowledge by becoming a Guest Post Writer.

What can you do as a Guest Post Writer?

As a guest post writer for the Chicken Site, you will be able to:

  • Share your knowledge and information to our readers
  • Be a part of a website that is built by you along with others doing the same
  • Receive 1 do-follow backlinks to your page(s) of choice for each article
  • Choose from over 25 categories to write in
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  • Choose what to write about. Help topics, how to’s, DIY chicken coops and pens, poultry product reviews, hatching eggs, chicken breeds, Turkeys, quail, and much more
  • Share your knowledge and information to our readers

What topics can you write for us?

In order for a guest post to be successful it needs to be easy to understand and rich in content. Post should be filled with details and useful information that will help readers. 

Here at the farm our topics are much more than chicken based. Look at today’s trends and write about them. We are looking for guest post, reviews, buying guides, how to’s on topics related to:

Chickens Write For Us

What is required to Write for Us?

Writing for us at the Chicken Site has requirements. Our guest post guidelines are as follows:

  • Provide a proper title and description that includes your main keyword(s)
  • Be sure to include your keyword(s) into the article body of your guest post
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and subheadings
  • The guest post should be well written in English
  • The content must be unique. Your post should be original and not yet published anywhere else. All articles are checked for plagiarism to ensure 100% uniqueness
  • Submitted posts must be a minimum of 800 words. Note: Content of 3000 words or more will fit in the category of “cornerstone” content. Well written articles will be marked by us as a “cornerstone” and favored by Google
  • Be sure that the content is useful, informative, and is easy to read and understand
  • Cite any sources when mentionioning facts or persons in your post
  • Add photos or videos by providing the url(s), We will insert and format them where you place the url. Example:
  • The content should have a fairly good flesch reading score. Suitable for reading for people from any demographic.

If you have any questions before you quest post then feel free to contact us.

Process for Guest Post Writing

You can submit your article using the built in guest post builder below.  We are currently testing its features to obtain the best quality. At the current time we are not allowing image uploads. As mentioned above, provide us with all urls and we will insert them and even host them for you.

As you may already know this website is driven by its guest posters. Without your help we would not be able to provide our readers with enough information.  Be sure to add any extra information you want us to know to the bottom of your post. Don’t hesitate to contact us when needed.

Guest Post that will not be Accepted

There are topic categories for just about anything here along with a lot of different writing options. Product reviews, buying guides, poulty, chickens, fighting game roosters, plus 25 more categories should allow for plenty of posts.

Before you submit any post, review, or how to article, etc. be sure it is informative, well written, and not spammy. Do not add more than 2 links to your related website(s). Affiliate links are not allowed in guest posts. All posts must fit into one of our current categories.

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