Whitehackle Gamefowl: Top Foundation Fowl

One key statement found in the video is that the most important trait of the Whitehackle is gameness. There are various Whithackle bloodlines. They range from the Col. Morgan bred games to Murphy gamefowl., Kearney Whitehackles and many others.

Bloodline History

One key statement found in the video is that the most important trait of the Whitehackle is gameness. There are various Whithackle bloodlines. They range from the Col. Morgan bred games, to Murphy gamefowl, Kearney Whitehackles and many others.

The first Whitehackle strain originated in the mid 1800’s. Many of the original bloodlines today have been crossed and infused into other lines of fowl.

There is some very good information at Bloodlines of the Champion regarding the history of the Whitehackle.

Whitehackle Gamefowl
Photo by Lolo Putok

Whitehackle Video

We will be transcribing what is said in the video:

Good morning, cockmates!

This is your host Atty Ryan Abrenica for Cutting Edge Veterinary Solutions. So, cockmates, this is a pilot episode for our facebook and youtube channel. Because this is a pilot episode I will discuss with you a very important basic topic in raising game roosters. The foundation bloodlines.

Four Foundations

My cockmates, there are only four foundation bloodlines that are known to most breeders.

  1. Whitehackle
  2. Hatch
  3. Roundheads
  4. Clarets

Why did I not mention Sweater’s, Kelso’s, Lemon’s and other bloodlines? Because, if you look at the composition of those gamefowl roosters they are just combinations of the same bloodlines that I have already mentioned.

All of them are combinations of the Hatch, Whitehackle, Claret, and Roundhead. With the exception of oriental bloodlines. Oriental fowl do not have the four foundation bloodlines in them because they are of a different origin. 

This article is for the purpose of western fowl. I am sure that you will not hear of a bloodline that did not originate from these basic four foundations.

What are Whitehackles?

Whitehackles originated in England and Ireland and were among the first bloodlines. Whitehackle roosters are the foundation of all gamefowl. Actually, the four foundation bloodlines mentioned all came from the Whitehackle.


A lot of my American friends would tell me that in terms of gameness, there is no match for the Whitehackle. If you are looking for toughness, Whitehackle are the toughest breed of all gamefowl.

I had the opportunity to breed some of these fowl. I had Morgans and Lemons. From my personal experience within 3 or 4 months of age we would have to put them up right away.

Why? Because by this age they were already beating one another up in a free-ranged area. That’s just how game these Whitehacke’s are.


What are the variants of Whitehackles?

Using examples such as the Morgan Whitehacle, Lemon and Kearny along with modern day versions like Gulls. 

Remember, Gulls are highly infused with Whitehackle blood along with a small amount of Hatch. If you are raising Gulls you are basically breeding Whitehackle fowl.

The Murphy gamefowl for example is a combination of different types of Whitehackle fowl. The Murphy is also one of the most popular and fierce bloodlines of the old time cockfighters.

Why you must include Whitehackle in your breeding program

Gamefowl are most often used for the sport of cockfighting. We call our chickens “games” or “fighting games”.

We do not call the sport “cock running” and most of all we do not call our roosters “running cocks”.

It is required that there is a foundation of toughness and gameness in breeding. For some cockfighters it was okay with them if their roosters ran as long as they won.

For myself personally, I want my roosters to win and not run. Sometimes it can’t be avoided and a rooster will quit fighting. If every time you go to a cockfight and your rooster runs there is a problem and it should not be okay.

This is why it is so important that your fowl are tough and have plenty of gameness. Breeding correctly will also give you pride in your program technique. You will be able to call your roosters “fighting cocks”.

This has been some of my most sincere advice for beginners. Start with gameness! 

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